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No down payment required

No mortgage insurance


Financing ($0 down)

Lower credit scores accepted

Guaranteed by the VA

Can be assumed by other veterans

Only a small portion of veterans are using the VA Loan Benefits they have earned – don’t miss out. Apply for your Certificate of Eligibility today!

All mortgages subject to credit approval. Some restrictions may apply.

What Salt Lake City Veterans & Their Families are Saying
About Operation Mortgage

Casey H.

Midvale, Utah
I called Darron after I received a letter in the mail from the Veteran Loan Site. He was great to work with and was very honest. I would definitely recommend giving him and his co-workers a call.

Ruben R.

Draper, Utah
I was delighted with their service. They were able to lock my rate fast and closed my home loan in record time. I will recommend their service to my friends.

William D.

Huricane, Utah
My experience with Darron for the VA refinance of my house was very good. The ease of the paperwork and the timely manner that the veterans loan went through was amazing.


The veteran’s home loan or VA mortgage originated in 1944. At that time, the U.S. government created a military program to help returning service members purchase a house. Our program is approved by certified lenders in Salt Lake City and is guaranteed by the federal government to offer those who have served the country the ability own a house with no down payment. This mortgage program is designed to offer long-term financing to eligible American veterans, or their surviving spouses in Utah and around the country. You can qualify right on our website by clicking the certificate of eligibility tab. It is important to get pre-qualified for a certificate of eligibility in Salt Lake City. Veteran’s preapproval consists of a detailed look at homebuyer’s financial portfolio, which includes current bank statements, tax returns and pay stubs. The VA loan pre-qualification process is not a binding contract; it is just to help the buyer with gaining potential credit. It’s important to note that you do need great credit to apply for this program, unless you have declared bankruptcy within the last two years and have not tried to re-establish your credit. Otherwise, VA loans are similar to other home mortgage programs and fall under the same criteria. You may also ask, “what sets the VA loan apart from other more conventional mortgage options?” This program offers zero money down for those who have served in the military. This is a great benefit for veterans looking to purchase a home. It’s important to put your trust in a lending company with expertise in the VA program. We can quickly get your needed certificate of eligibility. Our goal is to help veterans purchase a home with little to no money out of your pocket. We are happy to walk you through the process of receiving your VA loan. We can even get your certificate of eligibility in as little as one business day. Here are some benefits of choosing Operation Mortgage in Salt Lake City:

  • No down payment required for the home loan
  • No housing insurance required
  • Lower credit scores are accepted and can be assumed by other veterans.

Operation Mortgage wants to ensure that every customer is well taken care of, and each of our team members is willing to help you through the process of obtaining your home loan. We are delighted to provide the veterans who have served our country their certificate of eligibility, and help them receive their VA loan benefits. Seeing the eyes of families in Utah light up at the possibility of purchasing a new home is what gives us joy. Call Operation Mortgage in Salt Lake City, Utah today to get started.
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