The Financial Benefits of the VA Loan

The other day I heard a radio host talk about how the VA Loan is more expensive than a traditional mortgage loan such as FHA or Conventional. I was beside myself as someone who has specialized in VA Loans for

Comparing the VA Loan to other loan programs

Clients have asked why they should choose a VA loan over FHA or Conventional. The answer to that question depends on your unique situation. Generally speaking most Veterans are better off using their VA benefit. We have compiled a list

VA Loan or Conventional

Many clients have asked, “Should I use my VA Loan benefit to buy my home, or would I be better off going with conventional financing?” The answer to this question will come down to a couple different factors such as:

VA Loan Refinance Benefits – IRRL

Many veterans are unaware of how easy it is to utilize a VA Refinance Loan on their current home or an investment property that is backed by the VA.   The VA has established the Interest Rate Reduction Loan (IRRL) as

VA Loan County Limit Guidelines

Many veterans have wondered what the guidelines are for 100% financing and if there is a limit on the loan amount a veteran can have and still enjoy a no down-payment loan option. Generally speaking the VA county limit for