The Financial Benefits of the VA Loan

The other day I heard a radio host talk about how the VA Loan is more expensive than a traditional mortgage loan such as FHA or Conventional. I was beside myself as someone who has specialized in VA Loans for

VA Cash-Out Refinance

Many of our clients have asked us what a Veterans Administration(VA) cash-out refinance is and how they can take advantage of it. The VA has instituted this program to allow veterans to access the equity in their home.  The proceeds

Comparing the VA Loan to other loan programs

Clients have asked why they should choose a VA loan over FHA or Conventional. The answer to that question depends on your unique situation. Generally speaking most Veterans are better off using their VA benefit. We have compiled a list

VA Home Loans – An Untapped Resource

Over the years, home ownership has often presented a challenge to the American veteran. To address this, the Veterans Administration (VA) instituted their Home Loan Program.  It’s an inadvertently well-kept secret, but a program that makes owning a home much