Over the years, home ownership has often presented a challenge to the American veteran. To address this, the Veterans Administration (VA) instituted their Home Loan Program.  It’s an inadvertently well-kept secret, but a program that makes owning a home much more feasible than many vets might imagine. Consider the following somewhat surprising statistics by the VA along with some compelling solutions:
a)      Most veterans polled cite lack of a down payment as their biggest barrier to home ownership. The good news here is that VA home loans do not require a down payment.
b)      More than 80% of VA borrowers are not eligible for conventional home loans. Fortunately, VA requirements are much friendlier to vets than conventional requirements.
c)       The latest data available shows a full 20% of veterans do not know of the VA Home Loan Program. However, now that news of the program is spreading, more and more veterans are capitalizing on this affordable opportunity by the VA.
Here are some important advantages to VA loans:
  • Lower credit scores not a barrier
  • No down payment needed – 100% financed
  • No expensive mortgage insurance
  • Guaranteed by the Veterans Administration
  • A loan can be assumed by another veteran
The Veteran Loan Site – in association with Celtic Bank – has allocated significant resources to facilitating these loans for the American vet. Dedicated experts are sensitive to their unique needs. Moreover, Celtic Bank processes are efficient, effective, and streamlined. If you are a vet, or know of a vet who might benefit from our services, please call us at (877) 213-6421 or email us at Apply@veteranloansite.com. One of our careful and thoughtful experts will reach out to you with no obligation.