Using benefits from the Veterans Administration has never been easier for many Californians. We service popular areas around bases near Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Francisco and the rest of the United States.

In the wake of so much questionable treatment of our military veterans, it’s difficult for these men and women to know who they can trust with their administration benefits for home loans.  While a mortgage is typically a secondary pleasure to buying a home, these hardworking people have been left in doubt by many lenders.  However, we have developed a solid program with those that are seeking to use their coveted Veterans Benefits Administration funds.  The process of getting a home loan begins with putting together a mortgage that makes sense for the lender and the buyer.  Since this is done in close proximity to major California bases near, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, it provides convenience to the buyers.

How can you get amazing rates on home mortgages?

When you work with our staff, the process is designed to be painless and forthright.  In other words, we don’t battle with you on your Veterans Administration Benefits.  While many other home loan companies will insist that you use 100% of these funds with them, we prefer to accommodate your choices.  Beyond these benefits, we love working with people in the Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Francisco areas of California.

Can a home mortgage loan be simplified?

Our goal with veterans is to make them feel comfortable with the process of using their benefits from the administration.  We do this through straightforward conversations about the home loan and by providing impeccable service.  This simplified process allows military members to obtain their certificate of eligibility while easily navigating through the sometimes complex terminology.  So, for all of those men and women who served our country that need help near San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, California and other areas of the U.S., we’re here to be your ally in the mortgage business.  If you’d like to learn more about what we’ve done to help current and former members of the military, please ask at any time.  We don’t believe in flaunting our contributions to society as it can seem petty and condescending.  Besides, there are dozens more reasons to get your home loan from Operation Mortgage than just American pride.  Our team will provide you with real value and show you the long-term benefits.