When considering using your VA home loan benefit, it is important to check your eligibility with the Veterans Administration.  Although most veterans know when they have met the guidelines of eligibility, it is necessary to request a certificate of eligibility and present it to your lender to show you qualify to use this benefit.  They will use your certificate to facilitate a VA guaranteed loan.
To request your certificate from the VA; you will need to have a copy of your current statement of service if you are currently active duty, or your DD-214 release form the VA issued you when you were released from the military.  The VA will also ask you to fill out their request from.
As a VA approved lender the Veteran Loan Site can request this certificate on your behalf.  There is an online option where this can be requested electronically.  When a lender uses this site oftentimes the certificate can be accessed immediately.  If it cannot be accessed immediately we will submit the necessary information and will usually have the certificate back in 1-2 business days.   As a veteran you are also able to submit this information directly to the VA to request your certificate of eligibility.  The turn times are usually 4-6 weeks.  If are looking to have this certificate back as soon as possible we recommend having the Veteran Loan Site request this on your behalf.
To have a Veteran Loan Specialist request a certificate on your behalf contact us today at: 877-213-6421 or coe@veteranloansite.com.